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Corey Hillebo CTO Campaign Managed by Tanner Winterhof and Farm4Profit: A Beacon of Hope in the Heartland

In the vast expanse of the heartland, where the rhythm of life is set by the cycle of the seasons and the resilience of its people, a remarkable tale of compassion and community unfolds. In the aftermath of the devastating Spring tornadoes of 2024 that tore through the heart of Iowa and Nebraska, leaving a swath of destruction in their wake, Farm4Profit, Tanner Winterhof, and Corey Hillebo emerged as beacons of hope, leading a charge of solidarity and support for those in need.

At the forefront of this collective effort stood Go Serve Global, an organization whose mission transcends borders, offering aid and assistance to communities ravaged by disaster, both at home and abroad. For years, Go Serve Global has been a steady presence in the lives of those facing unimaginable challenges, embodying the spirit of compassion and service that defines the heartland.


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