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Interview with Tanner Winterhof, Farmhand and Farm4Profit Podcast Co-Host

Tanner Winterhof is one of the founding co-hosts of the Farm4Profit podcast, a leading agriculture podcast that explores a wide range of topics and features interviews with top professionals, all aimed at helping farmers and farm professionals increase their profits.

Born and raised on a row-crop and swine farm in Iowa, Tanner initially pursued a career in finance. Over more than a decade, he worked in various banking roles, from loan officer to commercial banker, gaining a thorough understanding of the financial challenges facing those in the farming industry.

Realizing the need for more profound, meaningful community engagement to foster innovation within the industry, Tanner launched Farm4Profit. Today, the podcast boasts over 350,000 dedicated listeners and has produced 350 episodes, which have been downloaded over 1.7 million times in total.

Tell us a bit about what you do.

Absolutely. Farm4Profit is a passion project I started, with the idea being to create a platform for people in the agricultural sector to access valuable insights and resources. We offer practical advice and actionable strategies that can directly impact farm operations and contribute to long-term profitability, and it’s now one of the top ag podcasts in the country.

Our podcast covers a wide array of topics relevant to modern farming practices. We discuss everything from financial management techniques to innovative agronomy methods and effective marketing strategies, and our overall goal is to provide a comprehensive resource for farmers and farm hands at every stage of their journey. We try to bring on a broad range of guests (industry experts, successful farmers, innovative entrepreneurs) so we can offer a well-rounded perspective that not only helps with the challenges but also hopefully shows new opportunities for innovation in the ag sector.


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