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Listen Up – Tanner Winterhof’s Farm4Profit Podcast Has More Listeners, More Often, Spotify Reveals

It seems that in 2023, people were really digging what the “Farm4Profit Podcast” was doing for its listeners and the farming community. Farm4Profit is the brainchild of co-host Tanner Winterhof. Its mission is to provide farms and operators with an independent and unbiased outlet for information related to increasing the profitability of their farming operations.

According to statistics from Spotify, which hosts the podcast, the top episode for the “Farm4Profit Podcast” was “Zach Johnson — Millennial Farmer With Wisdom From the Future,” which was streamed six times more than the average episode of the show.

And popularity for Tanner Winterhof’s podcast — which has been on air since June 2019 — gathered pace in 2023, with 72% of its listeners discovering the podcast in 2023. The episode “Understanding the ROI of Cattle Buildings” herded in the fans — 3% of all new listeners started tuning in regularly to the “Farm4Profit Podcast” after that installment.


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