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Tanner Winterhof's Insights: Elevating Farm Profitability Through Expert Collaboration

According to Tanner Winterhof, it takes a village - even down on the farm. The agricultural expert sees collaboration as the future of farming.

The world cannot live without farmers, but for farmers, thriving and even staying afloat in today's competitive, rapidly changing, and global marketplace is becoming harder than ever. That's where Tanner Winterhof, a lifelong farmhand and financial services expert who runs a media and consultancy business, enters the chat. Born and raised on a swine and row-crop farm in Iowa, farming is in Winterhof's blood - and he's one of the top advocates in the ag space.

Winterhof firmly believes that one way forward for vital small and mid-sized farms across the nation is to tackle these changes and challenges head-on. However, doing so without hands-on experience in making high-impact changes to business operations can be tricky. Tanner Winterhof says, 'You can't be an expert in accounting and in agronomy and in livestock nutrition and in mechanics. You can be good at those things, but experts are in their field because that's their focus.'


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