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Tanner Winterhof Unloads the Changes in the Farming Industry

Tanner Winterhof is an agriculture expert in the fields of crop production and soil management who co-founded Farm4Profit, a media company that helps players in the agricultural space maximize profitability. Small family farms produce most of the world’s food, but changing market dynamics, global events, and ag research and innovation are changing the landscape. Farming is becoming more competitive, and many farms face difficulty keeping ahead of the curve. However, with the right resources and direction, farmers can tap into many new opportunities for enhancing operations and raising profitability if they look in the right places.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially for farmers who may be used to doing things on their own and may be reluctant to delegate to outsiders. However, Tanner Winterhof says that expert advice can be invaluable, as long as the advice given is trustworthy and can be independently verified.

“You can’t control a lot of things in agriculture,” Winterhof says. “You can’t control the weather. You can’t control the prices of the markets. There are always things outside what you can truly affect. However, you can put preventative measures in place. You can buy your insurance. You can follow a plan as closely as you can. You can assemble a team of people that can either corroborate your opinions or can perhaps help you not make a bad decision when you go to make a change or make a purchase.”


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